Who are we??

Who  uses  draft  horses or  mules anymore? You'd be  surprised! In  fact,   these animals are being bred and put to work  in increasing numbers all around us. We're really not hard  to find at all.

The  Missouri Draft Horse and  Mule  Association, Inc., founded in 1958, is a group of people dedicated  to   the   preservation,   utilization  and   improvement  of   these  fine  animals.   The Association and its members actively support, sponsor and participate in many  activities such as state and county fairs, plowing contests,

Old Timers Days, seminars and horse  sales. We have quarterly board of directors meetings, as well as an annual meeting for the entire membership. We also produce a newsletter six times yearly.

Missouri takes pride in the fact that her draft horses and mules make a definite contribution to the nation's agriculture, forestry and advertising industries. When the need  arises, Missouri responds with  her  finest  Missouri can  boast that,  in addition to the  widely known   "Missouri Mule",  we  breed  and   utilize  five  prominent  breeds  of  draft   horses:  Shires, Percherons, Belgians, Suffolks and Clydesdales. Surely, you admire the  size (from  the large  draft  horse to the miniature mule), beauty, grace  and endurance these animals exhibit.  Look at those feet!

The Missouri Draft Horse and Mule  Association, Inc. invite  you to join us in our efforts towards promoting draft  horses and  mules.   Even  though you may  not own or have  access to these animals, your interest alone  is welcome.

Our Approach


We all strive to share our knowledge with new members and spectators to spread our passion for these wonderful draft animals.  So if you see us at an event please feel free to stop by and visit.  Please remember that we may be busy but will try our hardest to answer any questions that you may have or just visit.

Hope to see you in the field or arena!

Meet the Team

Missouri Draft Horse and Mule Association Officers


Neal DeVasher


Neal is always ready with a great story but don't get behind him in the furrow...…  he likes to take breaks!  🙂

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Dave Eichman

Vice President

Dave is always there with a mule or 4 or maybe more!  and always has the tools to help get you going!

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Robyn Holtgrewe


There is no telling what I'll be into next 🙂  Definitely causing trouble!

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