Next Meeting July 21st at Cunningham's Barn

Meeting at Cunningham's Barn May 19th, 2018 at 10am

Well we had some changes at the last meeting.  Cassie has passed the secretary/Treasurer office to Karen Redeker so that she can focus on school.  We wish Cassie the best of luck in her studies.  Karen we are excited to have you taking over these offices and if you need to contact her please use the secretary email listed.

Michaela Redeker was voted into a new position in the club as the Club Ambassador, we wish her luck in representing our organization with grace and class at all of the events that she attends throughout the year.  We are excited to see her enthusiasm for supporting the club

Please if you have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact your officers Billy Meyer and myself; we would love to hear your input.  If you have issues we cannot fix them or make changes if we do not know about them.

The members in attendance voted on these changes and for full meeting minutes please see the post in the next newsletter.

Hope you don't have any issues finding us!

Remember Health Certificates if traveling out of State.

Calendar has been updated! 5/24/2018  there are 2 Newly posted events in the Calendar for June.  I accidentally missed the Hamilton Mow day on the 9th of June when I pulled the events from the large calendar.  Also Scott Morehouse decided to have his event earlier in the year hoping that he would have more attendants on June 23rd.


I am hoping to update the current and past events soon I just have not had the time.


Robyn H


2018 Linch Pin Award

Bill and Celia Edwards

Waverly, IL


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2017 Member of the Year

Elsie Meyer

California, MO

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2018 Youth Representatives

Shelby, Hailey, Holly and Jeanie

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MDHMA Ambassador

Michaela Redeker

MDHMA Ambassador

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Draft Horse Event's Calendar

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Boone County Steam Show

Booneville, MO

Well the weather was much better this year!  No rain the week before so there were not the mud issues to contend with this year. Plowing, Parades, games and tractors everyone had a great time!
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